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"Dancing With The Stars" Image & Etiquette Media Coach

Questions to Ask Yourself…


• Do you feel frustrated because you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? 


• Do you feel frumpy and outdated in your clothing selections… and hate to shop?


• Do you wish that you looked younger, thinner and felt better about yourself?    


• Do you feel uncomfortable in many social settings?   


• Do you often wonder what colors are most flattering to you?                                                            


 • Do you feel uncomfortable with small talk and social networking situations?   


• Do you feel hesitant and clumsy with new relationships?   


• Are you embarrassed by your child’s lack of manners?


• Is civility something that you honor and would like to have more of in your life?  


• Is empathy and sensitivity to others a goal you would like to have in relationships? 


• Does your (Catering) staff need more knowledge and skill in etiquette?


• Would you like to sharpen your social and diplomatic skills in culturally diverse situations?


You may find the answers to your needs by consulting with one of our nation’s leading

Image, Etiquette, Civility and Protocol Specialists, Diana Olson, MA AICI CIP

Diana Olson is an Image, Etiquette, Civility & Protocol Consultant in the 

Los Angeles, California area with over 20 years of experience. 

She is one of only 130 Certified Image and Etiquette Professionals worldwide.


Diana is highly sought after to advise those in the entertainment media, public speaking, and 

Training and Development arenas.  She has served as a 

fashion show coordinator and beauty pageant trainer and judge.  

In addition, Diana has authored two books and has written numerous 

“Civility” articles for the Los Angeles Times. 


A summary of her extensive range of services, workshops and programs for

 individuals, groups, and corporations include the following:


Children's Color Analysis
Advanced  Personal Color Analysis
Color-Keyed Makeup Artistry and Coordination
Figure and Style Analysis
Closet Coordination
Personal Shopping Excursion
Wardrobe Planning
Plus Size Excellence
Women Over 50
Men's Color and Style
Men's Closet Coordination and  Shopping  
Image Consultant Training

   Image                  Etiquette
  Children's Color Analysis Petite Etiquette, Manners, Civility (For Children)
Advanced Color Analysis Teen Etiquette, Manners, Civility - Level I
Color-Keyed Makeup Artistry and Coordination Family Etiquette, Manners, Civility - Level I
Figure and Style Analysis Etiquette, Manners, Civility for College Students / Professionals
Closet Coordination Communication, Relationships & Social Skills
Personal Shopping Excursion Corporate Etiquette & Image Presence for Upward Mobility
Wardrobe Planning "Dining with Civility"
Plus Size Excellence Tea Etiquette and Social Skills
Women Over 50 Business and Social Etiquette / Entertaining
Men's Color and Style Catering Etiquette / Customer Service
Men's Closet Coordination and  Shopping International Protocol: Cultural Diversity and Social Skills     Image Consultant Training Etiquette Consultant Training


Petite Etiquette, Manners, Civility (For Children)
Teen Etiquette, Manners, Civility - Level I
Family Etiquette, Manners, Civility - Level I
Business & Social Etiquette, Communication & Relationship Skills  for College Students and Professionals
"Corporate Etiquette & Image Presence for Upward Mobility"
"Dining with Civility" Tutorian Dining Etiquette
Tea Etiquette and Social Skills
Business and Social Etiquette / Entertaining
Catering Etiquette / Customer Service
International Protocol: Cultural Diversity and Social Skills    
Etiquette Consultant Training


Image Consultations, Seminars and Workshops


Color, style, makeup and clothing reflect one's personality that is in integrity and congruent with one's "Authentic Self".  Knowing your personal style and colors will create balance, harmony, and authenticity. 


It is a creative experience to work with Diana. She is a genius in the art of bringing out the absolute best in a person. Her individual advanced color analysis, illusionary makeup tricks, personal wardrobe consultations, and hair styling suggestions result in total harmony.  No two people are alike, and nothing is pre-packaged. 


"I am more convinced than ever of the uniqueness and beauty of each individual.  My lifetime ministry has been to help men, women, and children to recognize and appreciate their special inner qualities and translate this knowledge to outward visual beauty. The information you gain will help you to understand what qualities make you unique and how you can externally express these positive qualities in your signature style of clothing, personal colors, design scheme, and makeup.”


 Let me join you in your wonderful journey of self-discovery!





Etiquette for Corporations, Individuals, and Children


Present yourself with confidence and authority.  In today's competitive business arena, it takes more than an MBA and a "Dress for Success" wardrobe to climb the corporate ladder.  As business has become socially oriented, companies look increasingly to those who possess class and style. Diana’s etiquette consultations contribute knowledge of social and business skills that will increase success in relationships and professions.  


"Family Etiquette, Manners, Civility-Level I" is a series of classes that teaches social, relationships, and communication skill that will give them and will give them an extra edge in life. Parents are encouraged to attend with their child for an amazing bonding experience and knowledge. Registration Form


(A Letter to the ladies whose men are hesitant to take Image or Etiquette classes:)

In early times, men might wear loin cloths because they were more comfortable clothing. With time, women have had the responsiiblity of

bringing more civility and class into their families. You may want to let your husband know that many junior and senior executives take these classes as a step toward upward corporate mobility. Others may find it as a way to create more positive work and family relationships. These Family Etiquette classes are often a bonding session between children and parents.  You may want to remind your husband that these are Professional Development classes and sessions that may be tax deductible.  Image is also a way to create a powerful presence that will positively affect work and family experiences.                          Diana Olson

Civility Workshops and Seminars


Diana Olson works in conjunction with the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and Professor PM Forni of John Hopkins University, author of "25 Rules of Considerate Conduct".  She offers civility programs that are available for corporations, organizations, schools, and philanthropic groups.  Emphasis is on kindness, consideration, and respect for others in appearance, behavior, and communication.  "Restraint, Respect, and Responsibility" are essential components for successful building of relationships. These workshops and seminars embody character issues, ethics, professional image, body language, marketing, branding, public relations and communication skills.







Having lived in three countries, taken a trip around the world, and having visited over 55 countries, Diana can provide unique and knowledgeable insight on international protocol.  Whether you are travelling overseas or here at home, contact Diana to gain valuable information on what you need to know about protocol, which is about understanding codes of behavior for each specific country.. 







One of Diana’s passions is to train Image and Etiquette Consultants.

Image and Etiquette Institute of Los Angeles/California offers the following “Train-The-Trainer” courses:

Image Consultant Training (Color Analysis, Style and Makeup, Closet Audits, Shopping, Interior Design and more...

Etiquette Consultant Training:  Business & Social Etiquette, Children's Etiquette, Dining Etiquette and more......

Etiquette Training for Children

Many other courses are available.







Books and CD’s


"Amazing Secrets of Color & Style: Creating a Powerful Presence through Positive Self-Discovery"

In this unique audio presentation and book, Diana Olson provides you with an amazing advanced education on Personal Colors and Individualization of Style.  This information will give you practical ideas that will help you to become aware of the importance of creating a powerful presence.


"Cultural Diversity and Social Skills for Professionals" 

Learn practical insights in doing business with prospects and clients from twenty different countries.  This book is a valuable resource for realtors and all professionals in all categories.



Color-Keyed Cosmetics/Skincare


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