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"Manners, Etiquette & Civility" I- Montage Hotel/Resort, Laguna Beach California



  Manners are secret codes of kindness, consideration, and respect for others.



1. You will learn what to do and what to say to others.


2. You will feel more sure of yourself and more comfortable around others.
You will be able to make others comfortable.


3. These rules are the same now as they will be when you are an adult. This knowledge will last a lifetime.


4. If you know good manners, you will always be right. You will know what to do when the time is right.


5. Manners are traditions and rules that are handed down from ancient times by presidents, kings, queens, emperors, knights, and warriors so that their communities would get along better.


6. Manners are not sissy! Our military academies-- West Point, Annapolis, and the U.S. Air Force Academy
    demand that, to become officers, people must learn the right way to behave.


7. You will be well-liked. People will want to have you around them because of your consideration toward others.


8. Manners are "Style" People who have style are attractive to others.


9. You will feel an increase in self-esteem (well-being) and will feel more confident. You will not have to worry about yourself
    and can concentrate on others.


10. You will always have that "extra edge" in life.


11. Remember, people will care, if you care first!

"Manners, Etiquette & Civility" I- Montage Hotel/Resort, Laguna Beach California


Manners, Etiquette & Civility--Level I

Basic Life and Social Skills

(Ages 5-85) can include children, parents, and grandparents

A series of classes that teach  "Manners for Children" in the Southern California area

These classes will give them an extra edge in life. Parents are

encouraged to attend with their child for an amazing bonding experience and knowledge.


I. INTRODUCTIONS: Name tags, Sitting, Walking, Standing, Posture. Greetings. Handshakes.  Curtsies.

II. ART OF CONVERSATION: Overcoming Shyness. Party Conversation.  Telephone Manners.

III. DINING ETIQUETTE: Table Settings. Seating. Menu Readings. Punchbowl Etiquette. Party Practice.

IV. TUTORIAL LUNCHEON: Name Cards. Utensils, Napkins, and Glassware. Serving Yourself and Others. Home and Restaurant Dining. Thanking Your Host and Hostess. Do's and Don'ts of Table Manners. (There will be an actual tutorial dining experience.)

This is an interactive class between students and teacher/ other students/ parents. Parents who attend with their child will have a wonderful bonding experience. And MORE...

Civility, Etiquette, Manners, Character 

Diana Olson, Etiquette / Image/ Civility & Protocol  Specialist  



Working with the Association of Image Consultants and Professor PM Forni of John Hopkins University, we are involved in a global effort to spread the message of Civility around the world, one city at a time. We issued a Proclamation of Civility for Los Angeles in May, 2009.  


Manners are spontaneous reactions from the heart.  Etiquette is codes of behavior of kindness and consideration. What is Civility, and where did the concept originate?  The origins of the word Civility lie in its connection to Civitas, a Latin word meaning city and the French word Civilite’ which means politeness.  Civility also shares a connection with the word civilization.  Civility is all about kindness, consideration, sensitivity, caring and nurturing.  It is a Code of Conduct based on the 3 R’s: Respect, Restraint and Responsibility.  These principles are contained in the book by Dr. P.M. Forni, Choosing Civility—the 25 Rules of Considerate Conduct. 


Civility is the highest level of Etiquette and Manners and the ultimate goal of character building. Our fast-paced society is becoming one of entitlement, self-centeredness, and a need for instant gratification. There is often a lack of respect, consideration, patience, and tolerance toward others that think and act differently. Disagreement is acceptable, but respect for differences in opinion is important in a civilized person. Callousness, intolerance of  others, tolerance for conflict and violence all fuel incivility teaching a recent Etiquette class that included ten children, ages 6 – 17 plus several adults,  I was describing Characteristics of Angels (respectful) and Bullies (disrespectful).  The younger children were able to give examples of Angel-type children:  kind, considerate, quiet, friendly, polite, etc. and the Bullies: mean, loud, pushy, rough, cruel, etc.  I was amazed that the older children were hesitant about contributing characteristics to either group.  These children were all above average in intelligence and scholastic achievement.  Fascinated by this difference in the contributions of the younger children, we discussed the difficulty of the older children to recognize cruel and inappropriate behavior.  The 16 year old boy mentioned that the older the children, the more desensitized they become by negative behavior.  The younger children were more sensitive to the hurt feelings of others and themselves.  Innocence has its merits, but there is a need for Civility and Etiquette training in order to build character, starting in the early years.  


There are many conflicts in the workplace where civility is threatened.  Education, knowledge, empathy, and sensitivity to others is the answer

Diana Olson, MA  AICI  CIP, Certified Etiquette and Image Consultant
and graduate of the
Protocol School of Washington
will be presenting this course.

Studio Location:  465 E. Union Street #100 Pasadena, California 91101.

T: (626) 584-9761



Call for Upcoming Classes and Dates


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Tutorial luncheon aspect of  Manners, Etiquette & Civility-I   Classes will be held at 465 E. Union #100, Pasadena, California 91101
Etiquette Dining Tutorial will be held at a local location.  Please call for reservations.


Dining with Civility- Etiquette Tutorial

By investing in this 3 hour private or group session you will  learn the Art of Dining, while enjoying an etiquette tutorial luncheon or dinner.

This class is available for families, corporations and individuals. Sharpen your personal dining skills that will put you in control of business and social situations. You will learn many "Do's and Don'ts" of fine dining that will give you the poise and confidence that is the hallmark of knowledgable and successful individuals. This is a great graduation or special occasion gift of a lifetime.

Please call Diana Olson, Etiquette and Civility Specialist, for more information (626) 584-9761