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Six hours of training in the skills necessary to generate the positive impressions needed to develop clients and to establish business contacts. Includes luncheon dining tutorial.


Six hours of training in the vital skills necessary at every social occasion where business may be promoted or conducted. Includes luncheon dining tutorial.

"DINING WITH CIVILITY" TUTORIAL:  Dining tutorial skills taught through separate courses.


In today's competitive business arena, it takes more than a MBA and a "Dress for Success" wardrobe to climb the corporate ladder. As business has become socially oriented, companies look increasingly to those men and women who possess class and style. In fact, a recent survey revealed that corporate leaders select only employees with social polish and confidence to represent their company publicly. You and your organization can gain the extra edge by mastering this new form of professional polish.

Business and Social Entertaining Tips

Diana Olson, MA  AICI  CIP Etiquette and Image Consultant, Pasadena


l. Beginning of Meal: Wait for your host/hostess to pick up the napkin to signal the beginning of the meal. 

2. RSVP or REGRETS ONLY in lower left corner of invitation: RSVP means

"Respondez s'il vous plait" or please answer. REGRETS ONLY means, call only if you are unable to attend. This is an important way to respond to an invitation.

3. Elbows: should not be on table. Wrists may touch only the table edge.

4. Formal invitations: Should be mailed 4-6 weeks in advance of the party.

Informal invitations should be mailed 2-3 weeks in advance.

5. Declining an Invitation: Promptly reply. A kind answer may be "Thank you for the invitation, but we have already made other plans for that date." A further explanation is not necessary.

6. Inviting 100 people, expect 80 to attend a social function. The best hours for a cocktail party are 5:30 to 7:30. A name tag should be on your right shoulder so that it can easily be seen when shaking hands. Stand for all introductions.

7. Guest should arrive within 15 minutes of invitation time; dinner is served within 60 minutes and no more than 90 minutes after designated time. Delay dinner no more than l5 minutes for late arrival.

8. Hostess is the last to enter the dining room. Guests should stand behind the chairs until the hostess indicates that everyone should be seated. The hostess is seated first by the man on her left. The gentleman on each lady's left should pull out her chair. The lady enters her chair from the right.

9. Buttering Bread: Over the butter plate, tear off a small piece of bread and butter it over the plate. Then bring the bread to your mouth. The butter knife should be on the butter plate and should be parallel to the edge of the table.


You will be able to:

*Sharpen the personal skills that put you in control of business and social situations.

*Improve corporate image.

*Increase customer good will.

*Multiply repeat business.

*Strengthen in-house and professional relations.

*Promote individual self-esteem.

*Develop poise and confidence for business arenas.

*Invest a few hours in these dynamic seminars that encompass universally approved conduct for today's competitive business and social arenas.

*And MORE...