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Description of Services


All wardrobe consultations begin with a strong foundation in Color Analysis, Makeup, and Style. No two people are alike, nothing is prepackaged. It is about discovering your Color and Style DNA that is unlike anyone else. I help a person discover his or her special uniqueness and illuminate the exterior by improving visual and social presence. Image and Etiquette Training is available for all of these services.

*Custom Color Analysis: Colors are chosen from over 4,000 Fabric/Paint Chip swatches based on one's temperament/ personality, coloring, bone structure, and energy intensity. No two color palettes are alike, and this palette can be used for clothing, decorating, and more.

*Basic Makeup Formula: The makeup selection is coordinated to the color palette so that the personal coloring, clothes and skin tones connect to each other. Techniques will be taught so you know how to best apply the makeup for your bone structure, personality and life style.

* Style Analysis: This determines the styles and patterns that enhance your body structure and clothing personality. Mock clothing will be used to demonstrate principles that will enhance your best features. Clothing pictures will be chosen from catalogs to illustrate what will work best for you.

*Closet Coordination: Using the Color and Style profile, clothing that doesn't work in your closet will be discarded. Clothing that does work will be coordinated. From this consultation, it is decided what clothing needs to be purchased to make the perfect wardrobe for your personal and professional life. An educated approach eliminates impulse buying, and saves money.

*Personal Shopping: Using all of the information from the Color and Style Analysis and Closet Coordination, you will have the profile from which to shop. This shopping spree is designed to teach you how to shop independently, choose clothes that work for you and build a wardrobe that is comfortable for your professional and personal life. Everything that is chosen will expand your present wardrobe and will all go with each other to extend your choices. The purchases will be your choice that will work within your budget.

* Business and Social Etiquette and Business and Social Entertaining: In today's competitive business arena, it takes more than a MBA and "Dress for Success" knowledge. Professional polish and manners are acquired skills. Learn how to develop poise and confidence for business socializing. Fine dining skills and Communication Skills may also be included. Learn how good manners---a powerful tool--can mean good business!

*Petite Protocol I- Basic Life and Social Skills for Children: Provide your child with social skills that lead to increased self-confidence,
self-esteem, leadership skills, and kindness toward others. Provide that "Extra Edge" in life. Expose your child to an entertaining way to
learn about the wonderful world of civility and manners. Course includes:
Introductions, Party-Giving, Party Going, Art of Conversation, Telephone Etiquette, Table Manners and an Etiquette Dining Tutorial.

*Civility Programs/Workshops/ Seminars: This is a wonderful program for building communication and rapport for individuals, companies, and organizations.