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Image Consultations


"Creating a Powerful Presence through Positive Self-Discovery"


Image Services include: 

Color Analysis, Figure and Style Analysis, Makeup Designs, 

Closet Coordination, Shopping Excursion, Corporate Executive Presence,Image Consultant Training



Color and Style Analysis

Color Analysis: The extensive, specialized, and customized Color Analysis is a collage of colors chosen from a laboratory of over 4,000 colors. Coloring found in skin, hair and eyes determine complementary colors which reflect an individual's uniqueness. Bone structure, energy level, eye patterns, and personality tendencies are also considerations. Your color palette serves as an invaluable guide to your self expression in wardrobe selection. Validated personality assessments are used to unwrap and discover the special inner qualities so that they can be brought to the outside to create a positive and powerful visual and social presence.  

Style Analysis: (Color Analysis is a prerequisite) Enables you to give correct balance and proportion to your personal style of clothing through a charted figure analysis. Learn how to coordinate a wardrobe that supports your lifestyle and enhances your self esteem. Learn how personality factors should influence your selection of clothing. Also, become aware of which design lines, textures, and styles are best for you. .


Learn about the latest fashion trends and how you can adapt them to your own individual style. 

Makeup and hair styles will be harmonized to your coloring, facial and body structure, and personality. 

Possess qualities that are uniquely YOU!

Benefits of Image Programs

  • Create a personal and positive visual impact in relation to wardrobe by authentically connecting the relationship between personality, coloring, bone structure, and energy intensity. Express your uniqueness!
  • Demonstrate a powerful visual presence that conveys confidence.
  • Personality / Temperament assessments create an in-depth and valid Color Analysis that comprises a foundation for determining an individual image profile.  
  • Celebrate and validate special inner qualities that can be transferred to a powerful presence with clothing colors, styles, and makeup.
  • Create an individual personal Color Palatte that represents one's individuality.

Available Programs

*A complementary Color-Keyed Makeup Analysis for women is included with 

Bronze, Gold, Diamond and Platinum Programs

Bronze: Color and Makeup Coordination to personalized color palette.  Includes approximately 50 personalized color swatches.  A good start for students or limited budgets.


Gold: Color and Makeup coordination to personalized color palette.  An advantageous program because fashion limits the colors that are popular each season.  Includes comprehensive color range - about 100 fabric swatches. An eye opener!


Diamond: Color, Style and Makeup coordination to personalized color palette.  This is a wonderful full-day program!


Platinum: Color, Makeup, Style, Closet Audits and Shopping are coordinated to personalized color palette.  This is a 2-day program... all you'll ever need!


Closet Coordination: Color Palette & Style Analysis will be used as a guide to help you coordinate your own unique look with your wardrobe.  This can be done in my Image studio, or in the the privacy of your home. Items will be coordinated or eliminated from your wardrobe to achieve an updated and complete look that represents you in a positive way. 


Shopping Excursion:   A shopping experience that educates and supports correct choices for one's uniqueness in choosing a wardrobe. This is  based on the Color Palette and Style Analysis.  The benefit is that it helps to avoid impulse buying, gain confidence in your wardrobe choices, while saving time and money!


Color-Keyed Makeup Coordination: Make-up analysis based on your Color Palette, lifestyle, personality and bone structure. It is important that the Color Palette supports the Makeup Coordination....or everything clashes and discounts your beauty.        


Corporate Executive Presence:  Color & Style Analysis, Closet Coordination. Shopping.