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Why have a Color Palette?

It is a lifetime investment in knowledge for future clothing purchases, makeup and decorating choices. A color palette will give you vital information for your personal expression, while increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem. Because the attention will connect to your eyes, you will appear ten years younger and ten pounds thinner! This knowledge helps to prevent impulse buying and expensive mistakes.


How many other color palettes will be like mine?

There will be no other color palettes like yours. Even twins are different.


How is a custom color palette determined?

This extensive, custom, specialized Color Analysis is chosen from a laboratory of over 4,000 colors. Personal coloring in your eyes, skin, and hair are factors. Bone structure, energy level, lip color, texture in the eyes and skin, eye patterns, and personality are considerations.


How long will I be able to use my color palette?

You will be able to use these colors forever. However, as we mature, the brightest colors may need to be softened as our skin tones soften.


What about combination's of these colors?

All of these colors can be mixed and matched together. Neutrals, because they are passive and background colors, should be worn away from the face and with another color. Prints should be in your colors; an alien color in the print is acceptable only if it is in small amounts, Use the 2/3: 1/3 Principle-a large amount of one color and a smaller amount of the other color


How can these colors be used for makeup colors?

The makeup color profile is derived from the color palette. The color palette is derived from your personal profile of your eyes, skin tone, hair color, bone structure and personality. Thus, all makeup coordinates to your wardrobe! Color-keyed makeup is very natural. A correct cosmetic application is supportive, not dominant. A basic makeup wardrobe is all that is necessary.