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Color Analysis Program with Diana Olson


Image & Etiquette Institute of Los Angeles

Curriculum Excerpts:

I. Color Analysis- Five Days
* Personality Assessments Preliminary
* Color Analysis Process
* Principals of Color Harmonies
* Color Analysis Mechanics
* Facial/Body Structure Identifications
* Munsell Color Theory and more...

II. Style Analysis- Five Days
* Figure and Style Analysis Tutorial
* Clothing Personality/ Color Harmony Applications
* Yin/ Yang Personality/ Clothing Design
* Design Lines/Positives/ Risks
* Psychology of Style
* Visual Design Elements and more..

III. Color-Keyed Makeup- Five Days
(Includes starter set)
* Color Coordination to Color Palette
* Makeup Coordination Tutorial
* Coloring Pigment Study
* Bone Structure Application Techniques
* Color Harmony Divisions and more...

IV. Hair Designs/Coloring/ Personalities- Five Days
* Facial Structure Identification
* Hair Coloring/Individual Coloring
* Hair Styles/Bone Structure/Personality

V. Closet Audit - Two Days *Closet Coordination Tutorial*
* Closet Audit Process
* Accessorizing/ Clothing Coordination

VI. Shopping Excursion - Three Days
* Shopping Tutorial: On line; Catalogs; Stores
* Shopping Excursion Process.

VII. Image Business Management - Two Days

VIII. Etiquette Consulting Courses:  Business & Social Etiquette/ Entertaining; Petite Protocol - To Be Determined

Image & Etiquette Institute of Los Angeles

Course Title: Image Consultant

Total Course Length: 30 hours (Including independent study)

Online training: TBA

Attendance Schedule: Monday through Friday - Flexible schedule

Course Content by Subject:

A. Principals of Color Harmony and Pigment Study

B. Cosmetic Design/Application and Skin Care

C. Mechanics of Color Analysis

D. Theory of Color Harmony: Design Lines; Psychology of Dress

E. Mood Dressing: Colors; Wardrobe Needs and Strategies; Accessories

F. Color Spectrum: Historical Periods and Influences

G. Closet Coordination

H. Personal Shopping

I. Figure and Style Analysis

J. Marketing Concepts and Seminar Presentations

Clock hour allocation is flexible subject to student's needs, strengths, interests, and experience. 
The Institute prefers hands-on experience, involvement, and practical exposure. 
Independent study is required of certain written material.