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Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon of "Dining with Civility".

For me, today was a classic case where after 20+ years of entertaining clients and prospects I thought I "knew it all"! Wow, was I mistaken. Within minutes of the start of your session it became apparent to me that not only did I not "know it all", but in many cases what I thought was correct was completely wrong!

I shudder now to think how many times I may have embarrassed myself in the past without even realizing it.

Your belief that proper etiquette is not snobbery or "First Class vs. Second Class", but rather a way of showing respect for others you are associating with is refreshing and practical. Adopting your approach will allow me to not only better serve my prospects and clients but to better interact with friends and family. (Not to mention the possible long term positive affect on the growth of my business!)

I would highly recommend your training to anyone who interacts with people on a regular basis as well as business professionals who rely on their interpersonal skills to make a living! In the current competitive environment it seems everyone in business is seeking some type of competitive advantage usually through business psychology courses and other related sales training. My sense now is that the social skills you teach may actually represent the true competitive advantage business people seek to attract and retain clients.

Thank you again for sharing your passion with our group.

Also, thank you for your 30 year relationship with Wells Fargo!"

J.D.G., Senior VP of Wells Fargo Bank

Ms. Diana Olson was invited as an esteemed lecturer for the 

Established in 1981, OKTA has been committed to supporting and developing Korean trade worldwide. OKTA promotes both the export and the import of materials and investments between Korea and the world; provides online databases, research publications, and trade information to members; offers support for merchandise exhibits; and helps members with governmental communication and information.

The topic of her exceptional lecture was proper business etiquette and appropriate business image. She masterfully educated the workshop participants on how to suitably present themselves in a professional business environment, which is invaluable knowledge that can be used for successful business meetings.


Ms. Olson has marvelous communication skills, specifically when teaching others about the details of etiquette and proper business attire. Her achievements and vast knowledge of this field can be seen through her in-depth presentation. Her interaction with participants was very active and promoted a productive lecture environment, where the participants were able to practice her methods first-hand.

She is also a reliable speaker. Specifically, she arrived early to the event in order to make sure the logistics of her lecture were set, and she also stayed afterwards to answer any questions and address any concerns from both the participants and the staff. Her energy level remained high, and her interpersonal skills allowed for the participants to engage in an interactive lecture.


As the 2009 Jr. Workshop Director, I found her lecture to be both very informative and essential for the successful development of any business endeavor. I am glad that she was referred to us by an established business consultant.


We heartily recommend Ms. Diana Olson as a lecturer for business etiquette and proper business fashion.


Best regards,

 Robin Lee

2009 Junior Workshop Director

Overseas Korean Traders Association of Southern California

Junior Committee 2009 Overseas Korean Traders Association of Southern California (OKTA SC) Trade Workshop in Los AngelesCA.  


Diana Olson, Etiquette consultant, was my private coach to prepare me for interview skills for a law firm. She also coached me in Business and Social Etiquette/Entertaining and Tutorial Dining Skills. Diana's help enabled me to feel confident in formal dining situations during interviews, as well as in other social situations. Furthermore, I am more comfortable talking and interacting with my future colleagues during casual social gatherings. Diana has really made a difference in how I present myself, including walking, standing and sitting, so that I can develop a professional image as I start my career as a lawyer.



Los Angeles, CA

Dear Diana,                                   


I wanted to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed your Business and Social Etiquette class. It exceeded my expectations, as I not only learned the material but also special teaching strategies for how to be an effective educator of others. Your class format was interactive and fun, and the information I learned will be an extremely valuable asset in my career. I was very pleased with the wealth of information we received in our binders. This will be an invaluable resource, especially since you supplemented the class with so much more than what was outlined in the curriculum. 


I am inspired by your passion and your knowledge in the areas of etiquette and image. I am lucky to have learned from the very best, and I hope to spread the message of manners and civility to as many people as I can. I would highly recommend your class to anyone who wants to further their career and gain valuable relationship skills. Now I know how to politely and effectively have my feelings known and stand my ground in a civil and refined way!



Veronica Sterling

AICI Associate Member

Dear Diana,

Thank you for all you have done to make the AICI meetings a beautiful experience.

For the first time in my AICI life, I attend meetings, I look forward to coming because of the care you have taken to male the experience a beautiful and soul-nourishing one. The location is beautiful and quiet. (The fact that the location is beautiful is HUGE for me. The meeting becomes a much needed respite, and truly nourishes me on many levels.) The parking is not only free, it is not an issue. The location, though far for me, is easily accessible, and because of the mid-day timing, traffic is not an issue. The food and grace of service is lovely. (Your attention to detail really shows up here.) Your education topics have been relevant, and best of all, your grace and gentility has seeped into the actions of everyone who attends, as I have felt warmly and genuinely welcomed by everyone.

Thank you for your care and thoughtful consideration.

Carla Mathis

Diana Olson's etiquette class was inspirational as well as educational. I never knew that etiquette was about respect, social empowerment and life skills training. Diana is warm, caring and a master of self-respect, respect of others and all social graces.
J. M.
Sobriety Coach
Sherman Oaks, California

I value authenticity. So training to implement a prepackaged system for my clients wasn't enough for me. I wanted more. I thoroughly researched five image consulting training programs and chose to train through the Color Collage Institute. I preferred the creation of a custom color palette specific to the client. The figure and style aspect was equally enjoyable to study due, again, to recognizing and appreciating the client's uniqueness. The fact that so many variables of the client's physical and personal characteristics are utilized in the process fascinated me.


I now feel a much greater sense of understanding individuals having gone through the training. And having receives a color analysis and figure and style analysis myself before embarking on the training; I have a greater understanding of who I am. All of which continues to be validated each time I work with a new client.


The icing on the cake was that Diana's studio is situated in the city next to where I live and work. I work a half-time position while building my image consulting business and it worked very well to have a flexible schedule with Diana while I met my obligations at work. The flexibility allowed me time to sleep on the information I gained each day of training without the stress of information overload.


I found Diana to be a knowledgeable expert in the field who effectively communicates the principles of personal design and business know-how through personable and supportive methods.


Image Consultant

The Business and Social Etiquette course was a great deal of knowledge that will further enhance my ability to be successful in both business and social settings. The information that was covered is very important and extremely useful information. I benefited most by the communication skills, the verbal communication and introduction and handshake sections. All the information covered in these sections was excellent.
Elaine A.

Petite Etiquette:


What I liked about the etiquette class was setting the tables. I also liked learning to sit and walk. - Garet


I liked everything! I liked Mrs. Olson, setting a table, setting a president table and all the kids. I had a lot of fun today! In fact, I feel like a new woman and I went from drool to cool! - Sloan Alexandra E


My favorite thing about my etiquette class was the conversation. I like it because I like to talk about things. I learned how to set the table, how to talk, how to use dining utensils, and how to shake hands. I liked it a lot! - Samantha H.


My favorite thing about etiquette class was when we had conversations. We talked about our pets, I talked about why Lucky was so sweet. I really enjoyed this class!

- Nihan C


My 3 favorite things are messing up the table and making it again, lunch, and the conversations. I also liked learning how to sit, walk, and going to and from the restaurant. - Chloe O


I liked sitting up straight, I liked sitting like a lady and how to cut up food. Etiquette class was fun and helped me with manners. It was fun! -Amelia H

I like learning how to set the table in class because now I can set the table at home. I also liked the luncheon because we got to try different kinds of food. - Hannah

My favorite part of Etiquette was pouring the punch and I also liked learning how to sit because that was something new for me. I really enjoyed everything that we did. - Amira

Today I liked learning about how to sit and walk. I also liked learning about how to talk on the phone. Now I will be able to sit and walk more like girls are supposed to. I will also be able to talk on the phone without sounding rude. - Nishta P

I loved learning about how to set the plates up. I have memorized it by now, I am sure of it. I also really liked learning how to talk on the phone, now I know not to talk about what my parents are doing and just say they are simply unavailable. Eating was fun. I actually know how to eat now. Thanks so much Mrs. Olson, I would never have asked for a better teacher. Thanks a million! -Poonam P

I learned that walking with your head down showed how you feel and it means that you don't want to be bothered. If you walk with a smiley face it means that you want to play and enjoy playing with friends. I learned that Germans knew who the American spies were because they ate the American way and Germans ate the Continental way. Etiquette was started by Egyptians; I think the class was great. - Sophie G


Dear Mrs. Olson,

I loved how I could sit like a lady. I really liked the food. I loved what we did and how we learned the placing of the silverware. I also thought today was so spectacular! I liked playing monkey see monkey do! Than you so much! - Delilah


Dear Mrs. Olson,

Today was spectacular! I learned so much from you that will last a life-time. For example we learned how to sit-up straight the proper way by slanting my legs to the side along with my feet together. We also played monkey see monkey do with all the plates and utensils. Thank you so much! - Sophie L


In this class, I appreciated learning about how to enter a room the right way, because I thought that was fun, entering a room and learning the proper ways to sit. I also had fun going into phone conversations. I'm definitely going to use all that I've learned in this class because I?ve realized how much of a difference all of this makes. Thank you so much, Mrs. Olson, for teaching me this in a fun way. - Paige G


This class by the respected Mrs. Olson is a positive experience. I learned about eating habits, to not yell out on the phone in fear of deafening the victim on the other side, and how to walk into a room with "style." This class helps educate an ignorant generation. It is with this knowledge that I thank you, Mrs. Olson. A first unwanted experience turned out to be a great gift. - Kevin G.

After being directly involved in personality research for over three decades involving over 1,000,000 individuals, I sincerely believe your Petite Etiquette and Civility class has the potential to significantly improve a child's quality of life and help them become most productive adults. Please allow me to explain:

SINCE I believe each step of your civility process reinforces impulse control in?children and young adults; and impulse control leads to the ability to persist and more effectively master/control their more important needs and desires; and self-esteem results from effectively mastering/controlling our needs and desires,

THEN, I sincerely believe your civility program, if it is reinforced by the parents, can significantly improve their child's impulse control and resulting self-esteem. I also believe that it can successfully reduce hyperactivity by providing needed structure that parents so often don't have time for in their busy lives. In addition, where there is order, predictability, and self-esteem in a child's life, you will find less stress and a higher quality of life (and health).

I also join you in your emphasis upon the bonding experience that is achieved when the parents attend your program with their children. The parents' participation during and after their attendance will help to reinforce the behaviors they learn and help their children understand the importance of the program. Since personality is formed at these younger ages, your program can actually change lives. I believe most other programs are "too little, too late" to achieve any significant behavioral change.

I congratulate you on the success of your program and recommend it to parents who want to see their children grow to become productive and self-disciplined adults. 

Dr. Larry L. Craft 

Author/Developer, *The Comprehensive Personality Profile, **The CPQ, **The Parenting Profile Questionnaire, **The Three Dimensions of Success, and **7-Step Leadership *The CPP is a registered trademark, Wonderlic Personnel Tests 

Dear Diana,

What a pleasure it has been working with you during your Art of Etiquette training sessions held here at Montage Laguna Beach. It was no winder that you have had so many years of experience; you really are quite an expert in your field! You did a great job teaching the children the traditional basics and foundations of proper etiquette through your emphasis on introductions, conversation starters and dining etiquette. This gained knowledge was sure to boost any child?s confidence. You really made a point to create an attachment with every child you came in contact with. Your sharing of knowledge, professionalism, kindness and sincerity was greatly appreciated. Than you so much for the commitments you have made and for all of your efforts!

Stacey Adelman

Director of Paintbox, Montage Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, CA

Dear Mrs. Diana Olson,

I want to start off by saying how surprising it was for you to be nice. It's not that you look mean or anything, but I have only imagined strict, mean etiquette teachers and it was only beyond my imagination that an etiquette teacher could be incredibly caring and kind.

Although I tend to be pretty stubborn, I enjoyed learning certain things about your class that I was hoping to learn at some point. For example, what to do when one needs to talk while eating, what to do in order to be a good conversationalist, how to introduce people, the standing while meeting new people, sliding off to the side after shaking someone's hand instead of turning one's back on him/her, the formal and continental way of eating (even if it seems hard at first), and much more.

I still have yet to look through the entire package you gave me in class and after looking through the table of contents and flipping through a few pages of Choosing Civility, I can't wait to read through it and hopefully I can learn some more things on my own! Thank your for everything you did for me and my family today and I hope to be in contact with you sometime soon in the future.

Best Regards,
Diana Ma