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Dear Diana,

Your color and image training have been an invaluable tool in the development of my clothing design and now art textile business. Clothing and textiles for the home are both areas that I consider to be in the realm of "personal environment", or colors and imagery that you live with day to day. Even though I already have a background in fine arts with a BFA in Painting and Drawing, your training helped me focus those skills to design for ones personal environment rather than strictly personal art statements not necessarily meant to live with day to day. I have also discovered that your training is relevant to certain types of fine art work such as portraiture where the colors, patterns and shapes associated with the person in the portrait become an integral part of the overall imagery of the work of art. You are a patient, clear and concise teacher. As a teacher myself, I know how important those qualities are. You also have a wonderful ability to empathize with the customer, which I found to be an educational experience when I worked with you in my on the job training. The subtleties of the way you work with customers have been very helpful to me personally as I develop my own method for working with private customers. You have always been very open and giving in helping me develop my own approach that best suits my personality. Your training helped me in the way I merchandise my collection when I am at a tradeshow. It has really helped the customer to focus on their own color interests within the booth. It has also been very helpful in choosing colors for private customers. And surprisingly it has been extremely helpful in dealing with stores in other states who are selling my pieces. When they call asking questions about a customer, I know how to get important clues about the customer that help me direct the sales person toward the right styles and colors. I also know when to tell the sales person that "this is not my customer so don't force the issue. But you might be able to sell them a small accessory and put it together with something else in a different way." That way, they don't lose the sale; the customer remains happy and doesn't return the item later. Basically your training has helped me to coordinate all my skills and focus them to improve my product.

Sincerely, J.L.P.

Fashion Designer

Dear Diana, I wanted to take a few minutes to write and tell you what an impact attending your series "The Secrets of Color and Style" has had on my confidence level and on my life. When I first came to you, I had a 6-month old baby and I was unsure of whom I was post child birth. Before the baby, I had been a hard-driving MBA businesswoman with frosted blonde hair and trendy styles. When I came to your classes and then had my own individual sessions with you, I began to uncover whom I was. I also began to rediscover how my personality, self- image and outer image could be in harmony instead of conflict. You clearly saw in and through me, to help me more clearly see myself. I know that your book incorporates the principles of the classes that you have taught for many years, and I am so glad you are sharing these truths with others. Now I have 3 daughters, and the oldest is 12 so it's been 12 years since we started this journey together during your classes "The Secrets of Color and Style." I truly appreciate your contribution to my self-knowledge and success as a mother, wife and salesperson and I am looking forward to continuing our association. Best of luck with all your ventures!

Sincerely, D. M.



You don?t have to be a movie star to have an expert stylist.  Do your clothes reflect your "true personality"? Want to become aware of your new style which helps you be one in integrity and congruent with your real self? Tired of waiting to someday "Get it all together?" I was. So, I asked Diana for her advice. Diana Olson, working in her Pasadena studio and surrounded by drawers of 4,000 color swatches, started out by examining (with a magnifying glass, no less) the unique color pigments of my eyes. Diana provided me with an understanding of how to design a wardrobe that works to present my "unique self". In addition to helping me discover my style,

Diana presented me with a multitude of color swatches, selected to guide me in choosing clothes that combine into harmonious and sophisticated ensembles. All of these colors compliment each other regardless of which separate items I pull from my closet. Diana helped me become more in" visual external  integrity" with my inner self. If you are looking for an excellent image consultant, call Diana Olson. The education you receive will influence you all of your life!

Yvonne M., Attorney at Law, Rolling Hills Estates, California


Dear Diana, 

These are my thoughts about my lovely and life changing experience I've had from spending time with you:

Sophistication, exquisite sense of color, and precision for body style is the fantastic world of Diana Olson's commitment to a rare and mastered 37 year professional career of everything you need to know about Lifestyle Etiquette, a foundation to functioning and appearing with excellence. 

Diana's Color Collage goes goes beyond Diana's pure love and true talent for understanding the refinement of image based on ones personality, body measurements, and custom selected personal colors, Diana is a warm and gracious individual, allowing the entire experience to flow with ease and fun. 

Diana offers more then just a consultation, she gives an education that lasts a life time. 

Thank you, Diana, for sharing your gift. I am ever so grateful.

With Love,

Summer S.

Dear Diana,

I cannot describe in words how much I like your training. In addition to abundance of color teaching materials, you always give me extra information about the image industry. You care about my every move, even after the training is finished. I would like to say "Thank you for everything. You are my dearest teacher in the world.

P. C.

Kowloon, China


Dear Diana: The time I spent with you during our image consultation was informative and delightful. Your accomplishments speak for themselves, your level of professionalism and expertise are above question. However, your sweetness, patience, love for people and beauty are what made me truly respect and appreciate your guidance. What you do is so valuable you cannot put a price tag on it. You give people the gift of enjoying and enhancing who they are as God's unique creation. Thank you for your insight, your sensitivity, and your joy.

Sincerely, Emily V.


Testimonial for Diana Olson by Dr. Whitey Brewer

I had a private image consultation with Diana Olson of Diana's Color Collage. The personal information on colors and styles was awesome! I learned how to have a greater consistency between who I am internally and how to express that personality in my external appearance. Previously, if I was feeling creative, the intensity of my clothing colors did not appear very professional. Otherwise, I would dress so conservatively that it was difficult to really project myself in an authentic way. With Diana's help, I learned what colors and styles worked best for me and were most effective. I could finally be both myself and also appear professional. Dr. Whitey Brewer, Body Linguistics Specialist, Adjunct Faculty at LMU


Working with Diana Olson has not only been easy, because of her likeable and caring personality, it also has been fun. Several times, especially while on shopping consultations, we both broke out laughing! After meticulously diagnosing me as an "Expressive Communicator", brand new doors opened for me in the world of colors, styles, and fabric. The information then became a true extension of my personality. Diana saved me time and money from picking the wrong clothes and the agony of "returns" that just didn't work. Needless to say, my new wardrobe makeover brought me countless compliments from friends and work associates.

Dale D., Compatibility Coaching